Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Just a couple of notes to update. My Toshiba laptop, after having been refused as expected by Toshiba, is now on its way to Canada to a fellow there who has made a speciality of repairing this particular model- yes, the problem is that pervasive! The good news is that if it is fixed, and by reports, I have every reason to believe it will be, I won't have to go through all the work of reloading files and programs (I spent ten days reloading files and programs on the Acer I bought only to have it die two hours later and after a day of trying to solve that, I returned it to Wal-mart with no problems) and best of all won't have to get a new one and deal with Vista, or as it is being called by some, ME 2. That is good not only because VISTA SUCKS, but also because it means all my programs will work, which they did not on Vista. Seems MS solved the security issue by simply not allowing certain programs or websites to operate- for instance, the national time clock at .gov??? Ya, real danger there! Way to go MS!

In happier news, I am now operating on a desktop loaned to me most graciously by my friend and Florida realtor Nancy Bowdish, and though slow, it does get me on line. And I have used that access to add several pictures to an album from my Disney visit last week. The new ones are added to the album Random Stuff at They include a compilation shot showing the new construction next to the Contemporary at WDW; the new sheet of Star Wars stamps from the USPS; the inside of the new attraction The Comedy Floor; a shot from inside the revamped boat ride at Mexico at Epcot; a couple of shots of the two most famous Disney Pirates, one of the Caribbean, and one of Neverland; and several of me at various locations and with various members of the MFL group. So enjoy!



Saturday, May 19, 2007


I saw the most amazing thing today! I noticed as I drove by the main entrance to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park that they were running the boats on Pepper Creek, something that the water level for the last few months has prohibited. Needing to take that ride for a particular shot I wanted, I pulled in and scooted over to the dock. About half way down the creek, on a tiny island in the stream, the park people recently added a cast of an old croc that used to live there but was killed in one of the storms a few years back. That was the target of this shoot, and I am pleased to say I got it! Last time the sun had been wrong, and the boat too fast and the shot was bad. But this time, I got it!

At the other end, I disembarked and had a ciggie, then re-boarded for the trip back. Was a bit too tired to go into the park today, and having gotten my shot, was content with that. The trip back was just me and the pilot, and we talked as we traversed the narrow shallow Pepper Creek. Shortly into the trip, he spotted a pair of wood ducks and called them out to me and I moved over to the other side of the boat to get the shot, but my movement startled them and they flew off. And this is where the amazing part comes in! Usually startled water birds, especially ducks, will fly off and land a bit further on in the water. But these two flew up and landed in a tree above! And sat there! Ducks in a tree! I have never seen that before!!! And I got the shot!



Friday, May 18, 2007

"In view of the recent Satellite 6100 settlement and the previous 5005 settlement, I decided to contact a lawyer regarding a class-action suit. He's gotten back to me and I've already forwarded him links to forums with tons of users detailing the display problems with their 5105 machines.

"I think the chances are pretty good on moving ahead, as this particular lawyer has been trying to track the toshiba laptop case for about half a year now. And the success of the 6100 settlement which basically has the same problems with our 5105 machines.

"Anyway, if we move ahead with a lawsuit, I'll let you guys know what we'll need to do. But we will probably need a critical mass, so spread the word and get people to register here. There are many more of us out there. just check out "
If you know anyone affected by this, please refer them! Thanks!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Last evening as I innocently prepared a reply to a list post, suddenly my cursor froze and the screen pixels fizzeled and faded away- yes, my Toshiba Satillite 5105, listing at $2400, had once again failed without warning.

A friend wrote today: "Ughh. That sucks. Glad you are back up and running. Don't you hate that something that has become so important to so many people is so fickle? I used my washer/dryer for over 16 years with only 1 repair in that time. Why can't we use a computer for for even 1 year without a major issue??? Frustrating..."

Personally, I have two Sony color TV's that I have used for over twenty years and both were used in environments that would challenge most anything- complete home renovation while living in it.

My TOSHIBA SATILLITE 5105, in the four years that I have had it, has gone through 3 hard drives and two Vid card failures- manufacturing defects that didn't show up until after even the extended warranty that some people bought, expired. By the time mine went, Toshiba had realized that they were facing another potential class action suit like one they had just lost over another defective laptop, and did fix mine, but apparently simply replaced the card with another defective card. (The Geek boards give all the gory details.) During that episode, I went over 5 weeks without a puter.

So this time, I just went to Wal-Mart, bought an Acer laptop, with all the bells and whistles- including Windows Vista Home Premium- for $698.

Is there any other item that one would buy- at such prices- that one would accept such lack of dependability in, or irresponsibility from the maker? I think not.

Well, maybe the other addicts would...



Friday, May 11, 2007


Have a lot of wild fires all over the state of Florida- none too close to me, but the smoke is now part of the daily forecast. A couple of shots here that were taken at about the same time of day give an idea of the conditions.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A couple of progress detail shots from two different days. Cleaning out under the belly of the beast and roughing up the legs. Keep in mind how tiny this guy is!



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