Monday, November 28, 2005


The exceptionally gifted artist, possibly the preeminent female artist living today, Rosemary Cove, is having an exhibition this coming November 30- December 28, 2005; "Stalking the Wild Pendulum"-sculpture & Drawings, at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach, Florida.
The exhibition is now open and on November 30, eveing, there is to be the official opening reception with the artist. I may or may not be able to make it myself, but I encourage anyone who is in any degree within srtriking distance of this event to make it! If not only to be BIG WOW'd by her incredible work, but to be delighted by one of the most incredible, fun, alive persons on the planet- it will be worth it!
Meanwhile, for the record, I am still without my laptop and am limited to a few minutes on the library computer.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Have had a major malfunction and it appears to be hardware... and very expensive... so not sure when I will be back to normal operation. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the stories below and stand by for future installments of The Continuing Adventures, which are not supposed to involve great sums of money...


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