Thursday, October 02, 2014



My yard from the street. Recent trimming by the county left the east side of the driveway pretty bare. Nothing major was growing there- don't know why, everywhere else I get trees and big bushes, but nothing but grasses on the east side.

I trimmed up some after the sloppy job the county contractor did, and discovered a pretty decent Sabal Palm growing on the west side. Going to cut that big bush/tree down to expose it more and feature it. Then I noticed a tiny baby palm just starting there at the bottom left just in front of that tree thing. Figured I would give it a shot to transplant it to the empty east side...

Dang thing was way deeper than I expected! Only about half way down at this point. Finally got to the bottom and felt a solid ball ending it- with some respectable roots coming out of it. Did my best to keep those as much as I could, but had to cut some of them.

Here it is, finally extracted from the ground. That ball of "dirt" is actually just a dirt coated ball that is the "heart of palm" of this baby!

Here it is, planted deep in its new location, on the east side of the drive, exactly matching the location of the newly exposed palm on the west side. If it takes, it will be glorious! Check in next year!

Victory! Honest dirt and sweat. Was only 95, but humid.

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