Thursday, June 23, 2011


My usual site for my Disney Picture of the Day seems to be down at the moment, so am posting today's choice here.




Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Those who read regularly may recall a bit about my HDTV, or you can scroll down a few entries here.

It took a while for the parts to get here, but yesterday afternoon, the repair man, H 'Andy out of Brookesville, arrived and installed a new power board and all is good.

Being an electronics Tech myself, I chatted with him a bit, and he explained to me a lot about the power supplies for these new TV's, and this is not you grandfather's TV! These work very differently than the traditional or familiar power supply, and while that makes switching between American and European wall outlets no problem, it does leave them very sensitive to another aspect of an alternating current power feed, and that is frequency, or cycles per second. These are very sensitive- as in easily destroyed- by variations in the frequency of the power supply.

His reccomendation was to get a unit that would ensure a consistant frequency on the power line, despite the quite typical variations in any given power line. You may have noted extremes in variations of a power supply when you have had a "brown out". He noted it would also smooth out the slight variations in even a consistant 60 cycles per second and thus not only protect the power board, but also result in a lessened demand for electricity. That is, Green!

I went up to Office Max this morning and purchased an APC brand Uninterupted Power Supply with Automatic Voltage Regualtion, 550VA, $47.99, matching their internet price- a special this week.

I sugggest anyone with an HDTV do the same.



Friday, June 03, 2011

Was just up at Home Depot for some bits and things, and as I entered, my eye was caught by this display! Pretty neat!



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