Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"it's a story of soul-searching, self-doubt, and individual powerlessness"
It is???
Take some of the most wonderful songs ever written, have them arranged beautifully, sung by angelic voices, backed with magnificent imagery, and turn it into two of the most boring hours ever experienced and you have the oh-so-disappointing Across the Universe.
This movie tried to be Hair; it isn't. Heck, it isn't even a movie. I pondered what went wrong, how could it be saved- I love movies, love the medium and will watch most films dozens of times until I spot every nuance or masterful move, or slightest point where it could be improved- I could not force myself to get through this a second time.
And I LOVE the Beatles!
The term "forced rhyme" from poetry study kept coming to mind: forced dialog, forced situations, forced names, forced references, forced everything.
They should have just dropped the “plot”: just presented two hours of music videos. What there is of plot simply serves to emphasize how little the filmmakers know about telling a story. Cliff notes. Music videos wrapped around Cliff Notes of a weak story, poorly told.
Great songs, beautiful voices, beautiful imagery, lousy movie.

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