Sunday, August 12, 2007


I mowed another section of grass this afternoon and just as I finished and was standing on the porch to let the body cool down from the heat of the glorious midday sun, I heard a couple of plops as the rain began. It fell gently for a half hour or so, and then all nature broke loose! Torrents, wind driven, accompanied by big thunder and lightening, and right here! I ripped the phone and power lines out of the back of my laptop and ran to the door to watch. The pressure of the wind made it tough to open it which told me that this one was running against the normal direction- back porch was out- rain was sweeping across it and into the door. I grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots, then closed it and went to the other side of the house and opened the front door.

notice that they have put a house on the lot next to me, dagnabbit!

Thunder down here is unlike any I have experienced elsewhere. It is loud- bone-jarringly loud- and long- some have lasted up to a minute. So anything within ten miles or so will guarantee a great experience, but imagine if you will, that type of storm, when the lightening and thunder are almost simultaneous! That is an experience! I jumped! Hadn't had one that close before. This one is right here!

I watched anxiously, a bit intimidated- holding the door open against the shifting winds, while simultaneously trying to watch and trying to keep my body back in the middle of the room. I heard some hard hits against the metal of my roof, thinking first it was debris carried by the wind, but then realizing it was hail! Not a lot, no very big, but another added experience.
And then, on the road right in front of me, I saw it! A lightening strike right there! A little one (thank goodness!) and immediately the deafening crack of thunder. Right there!

I love it here!

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