Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Just a couple of notes to update. My Toshiba laptop, after having been refused as expected by Toshiba, is now on its way to Canada to a fellow there who has made a speciality of repairing this particular model- yes, the problem is that pervasive! The good news is that if it is fixed, and by reports, I have every reason to believe it will be, I won't have to go through all the work of reloading files and programs (I spent ten days reloading files and programs on the Acer I bought only to have it die two hours later and after a day of trying to solve that, I returned it to Wal-mart with no problems) and best of all won't have to get a new one and deal with Vista, or as it is being called by some, ME 2. That is good not only because VISTA SUCKS, but also because it means all my programs will work, which they did not on Vista. Seems MS solved the security issue by simply not allowing certain programs or websites to operate- for instance, the national time clock at .gov??? Ya, real danger there! Way to go MS!

In happier news, I am now operating on a desktop loaned to me most graciously by my friend and Florida realtor Nancy Bowdish, and though slow, it does get me on line. And I have used that access to add several pictures to an album from my Disney visit last week. The new ones are added to the album Random Stuff at They include a compilation shot showing the new construction next to the Contemporary at WDW; the new sheet of Star Wars stamps from the USPS; the inside of the new attraction The Comedy Floor; a shot from inside the revamped boat ride at Mexico at Epcot; a couple of shots of the two most famous Disney Pirates, one of the Caribbean, and one of Neverland; and several of me at various locations and with various members of the MFL group. So enjoy!



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