Saturday, May 19, 2007


I saw the most amazing thing today! I noticed as I drove by the main entrance to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park that they were running the boats on Pepper Creek, something that the water level for the last few months has prohibited. Needing to take that ride for a particular shot I wanted, I pulled in and scooted over to the dock. About half way down the creek, on a tiny island in the stream, the park people recently added a cast of an old croc that used to live there but was killed in one of the storms a few years back. That was the target of this shoot, and I am pleased to say I got it! Last time the sun had been wrong, and the boat too fast and the shot was bad. But this time, I got it!

At the other end, I disembarked and had a ciggie, then re-boarded for the trip back. Was a bit too tired to go into the park today, and having gotten my shot, was content with that. The trip back was just me and the pilot, and we talked as we traversed the narrow shallow Pepper Creek. Shortly into the trip, he spotted a pair of wood ducks and called them out to me and I moved over to the other side of the boat to get the shot, but my movement startled them and they flew off. And this is where the amazing part comes in! Usually startled water birds, especially ducks, will fly off and land a bit further on in the water. But these two flew up and landed in a tree above! And sat there! Ducks in a tree! I have never seen that before!!! And I got the shot!



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