Sunday, September 28, 2014



[Note: as always, you can right click and "open in new tab" to see a larger version of any image.]

Over the last week or two, the Wood Ducks have started returning to Pepper Creek and the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

Last Thursday, I was shooting in the park and found a bunch of new arrivals swimming in the spring waters down near the deer habitat.

And on the ride back up Pepper Creek, spotted a few swimming about near Osprey Island.

This fellow kept quacking at me, enough so, that even in the picture his mouth is open!

Yesterday, as I was driving back with an empty boat, I managed to grab a few more shots including some close ups.

In the last turn before the Visitors Center, I was struck by this Snowy White Egret sitting high up in the shrubbery.

In the creek beneath him, a Blue Heron (as opposed to a Great Blue Heron) was picking away.

After my day was done, I visited with Gail in the office, and we played dueling cameras.



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