Friday, August 29, 2014



So, I'm out doing some work in the yard, very hot, finish as much as I am going to that day, hit the pool to cool off and rest the back, come out and I see the two yard bunnies enter the yard near the newly reclaimed area- where they were yesterday. I carefully make my way to my house, grab my camera and carefully come back out side, only now I see one bunny in the new area, and another a ways out in the yard.

Suddenly, the first one darts after the second, and I am thinking did they have an argument? I was shooting still images and was totally unprepared for the action, but I got what I could. Things became clearer a bit later when I checked down along the edge of the yard.



PS: Funny thing- this evening, 7 pm or so, was out there and the odd-man-out bunny came by. He was at the head of the driveway as I was moving the hose (watering my new trees) and I waved him in- he came. He paused, I waved him again and he went further, several times until he had checked out each of several areas, then headed out to the other side of the house and I went back inside.

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