Saturday, June 07, 2014



The day started when I stepped out to my car and startled my yard bunny, 2014 edition. He ran off to the other side of the yard. When I pulled over there to load one of my van tires into my car, another story, he stopped in a little cleared section and sat there till I got these two shots, then moved on again.

[As always, left click and "open in new tab" for full size image.]

I had the 10 am boat and it was just beautiful out on Pepper Creek.

On the first run, a passenger spotted a wild gator just before the west dock. He lives under the dock and had come out for some sun about 20 yards up the creek from the dock.

On a later return trip, we spotted a great blue heron...

...and a white ibis.

After my driving duties were complete, I used the parks air compressor and was very pleased that my very distorted tire readily filled, regained its proper shape and held. I came home and quickly put it back on and jacked up the other side of the van and headed back to fill that one. Alas, it filled and shaped readily, but showed multiple pinhole leaks from the stressed sidewall.

I placed some blocking under the van and eased the jack off a bit.

I will see how it holds overnight and if it does, jack up the third and final bad tire and see how it fares, and if I will need to replace one or two tires at the used tire store to make the van movable. I need to move it from its present position to another location in the yard.



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