Thursday, June 26, 2014



On June 26, in the Children's Education Center building, that once was the main entrance to the Homosassa Springs, Master Bee Keeper Melody Tayler presented a fascinating and thorough introduction to the honey bee, and bee keeping. Her knowledge and enthusiasm animated her presentation and she handled the many questions with aplumb! I had a great time!

As I headed over to the site for the 1pm talk, I grabbed a shot of this wood duck. Appears to be a new one?

And up onto the overlook for a view out to the Homosassa River on this beautiful day!

At just before 1, I headed in for the show.

Melody started with the anatomy of the honey bee: four wings! With velcro! Makes it easier to fold them when grounded.

Melody also explained the various parts and functions and care of the parts of a hive as used by bee-keepers.

All in all, at the end of the hour, many of us were still getting more details, which she happily supplied. She knew her stuff! And... she had the shoes for it!

On the way out, I dropped by to see Lu, who was napping, and the gators...



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