Friday, May 16, 2014



Made a swivel platform for my camera tripod last night to make doing panning shots smoother.

A 6" Lazy Susan base screwed to 3/4 ply with a threaded insert to match camera mounting bolts... and the top piece of 1/4 ply is simply glued to the other side of the hardware. This allows a bit smoother rotating of the camera when panning in video, but it is still dependent on a smooth operator.

Shown here on my tripod while I await the moment for my video shoot. The camera simply rests atop the platform on some rubber-like pads to clear the sun screen and to both minimize vibration and give a bit more grip to the mating.

While I waited for my video op, I grabbed a shot of the fountain with my other camera.

Oh ya! New yard bunny too! Saw him first thing this morning (My first thing, not anyone else's. Very unusual.) And striking appearance. Didn't go for the shot then cause I was sure he would just take off as he was right outside the door. Then this afternoon, he was back and far enough off that I dared to try for it. He spooked a little, but didn't bolt. Though he wouldn't look at me... Nice coloring.



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