Thursday, May 15, 2014



It was off and on rain here today in Homosassa. We ran the boats, but the riders on my first run out and first run back were but two.

My first trip out, I carried two ladies from Marseilles, France. One spoke a bit of English, the other, none, and alas, by knowledge of the language is limited to "How are you?" Still, I managed to share a few points of interest along the creek, including this, my favorite view, with the Red Cypress standing alone against the green in the center of the creek.

On the return trip, I passed slowly by the Weeping Bottle Brush tree and grabbed a shot.

The rain picked up a bit on the way back, and these two ladies took cover intermittently under a Pepsi-cola umbrella.

Back at the Visitors' Center dock, I grabbed a shot of the cast of an Alligator Snapping Turtle. There is a live one in the creek that is half again as large as this one. I have seen it once, beneath the surface as I neared the Fishbowl Dock. It is quite a thing! Look for the cast on the wall over the door as you enter the dock.

On my third run, as I stopped for the view of the Osprey nest, currently home to two off-spring, we were lucky enough in our timing to catch one of the adults sitting atop the nest, and if you look closely at the extreme crop, you can see another head, though whether it is the other adult or one of the chicks, I can't say. It has been long enough since I first saw the babies that it could be one of them.

Hope you enjoyed this little review of today's outing.



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