Tuesday, April 15, 2014



In the wee hours of this morning, while most of you were tucked away for the night, the earth was making its way between the sun and the moon and throwing the latter into shadow, and I was sitting out in my yard trying to capture images of it.

As I sat, I thought of Galileo and his limited instruments and devoted efforts to making images of the heavenly body and how wondrous it was that within moments, I, a rather ordinary fellow, would be making available to anyone in the world with internet access detailed images of that same body with such a minimal effort.

I shot about every thirty seconds, and will be working on putting that together in a time lapse video later, but for now, here are three images highlighting moments from the event. The last was taken as the sky began to haze over and required such a long exposure that the traveling of the moon during same caused a bit of a blur, but it does show the color during the full eclipse.



awesome shots

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