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Some random shots around the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park over the last couple of weeks... For loading and layout, I have left these "small", but you can see any of them in a larger form without losing this page by right clicking and "open in new tab".

Bunnies appeared around the Visitor's Center in the days before Easter and the big Easter Egg hunt on Saturday 19 April, 2014. That day also saw the naming of our new baby Florida Panther, Yuma, "Son of the Chief".
On the Birding Trail, I saw a bird!
 Another in my series of Tree Portraits.
High up in one old tree, a large crack. I am told that Wood Ducks like to nest in holes and cracks high up in the trees. The Park now provides nesting boxes along Pepper Creek for them now.
 Three Wood Ducks near the big spring, note the difference in the head feathering of the two colorful males. I have my own suspicion that one is new? A young'un?
Waldo catching some rays on his raft.
A window decoration on one of the Park's golf carts used by staff for carting materials and workers from one end of the park to the other.
A rare spotting by eagle-eyed boat driver David of a wild gator swimming up the creek from the western end, entering the turn to Osprey Island.
While Waldo was away, this very large soft shell turtle used the chance to grab some rays on his raft next to the dock at the Visitor's Center.

A walk down the Birding Trail on a rainy day.
Three of our permanent resident manatees enjoy an undisturbed feeding as the park was virtually empty due to rain.
A Blue Heron hunted this small fish as I watched: if I had realized what he was doing, I would have had video! It was fascinating. He stalked it in super-slow motion, then fired his beak into the water as quick as any spear or arrow.
I added a "Flat Brutis" to my boat on Saturday: now 3 of the 4 boats have them. Eagle? Let's get with the program!
For those who need another reason to visit, there are pressed penny machines at each end of the park!
 The wonderful unique blooms of the Weeping Bottle Brush Tree along Pepper Creek just west of Palm Island.
A young raccoon tried to cross the creek over our heads as we passed two weeks ago. At the end, he ran out of branch and seemed a bit confused as to what to do.
Out back by the maintenance shed, there is a very large turtle, I don't know why, but he is a beauty!
Before the first boat last Sunday morning, looking down from the bridge.
 Long time boat driver and park volunteer Bob, often creates origami animals for waiting children. This adorable young boy was very delighted with his orange frog!
This last Saturday saw occasional sprinkles, but we ran the boats anyway, much to my pleasure, though my driving was sometimes blocked by overly large umbrellas.



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Great pictures Jud. It's a lovely place and a nice way to spend several hours enjoying nature and cutie-pie animals. We'll have to come back and visit one of these days. G'kids would enjoy.
Great photos! Great eyes! You see things many people don't see!
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