Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Went over to the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park as a tourist today. Seeing that the dock gator, Waldo, was out, I figured there was a good chance that the down-creek gator at Osprey Island would also be out, so I got on the boat for the cruise down Pepper Creek.

Waldo was heading back to the dock as we departed, and it had clouded over a bit, but as we made the first turn the sun came out brightly once again.

A little ways down, I caught a shot of the red Wild Azaleas, and complimented that with a shot on the return trip.

As we passed around Osprey Island, I could see that the gator was indeed out and sunning, full exposure, up on the log.

The new buds of spring were glowing that special bright green in the sun.

Got a very nice shot the osprey nest high in the pine on the return trip.

Coming back into the dock, Waldo had come back out and was heading for his raft, where the two turtles who had been sunning there prepared to depart. There is no question who's raft it is.

The white line just left of center and to the right of the fountain- Waldo! 

Then took a walk down the trail, and again the brilliant new green of spring.

Sometimes, it's nice to be in Florida!



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Nice to b in FL? Yes, indeed!
Wonderful Pix!! However, gator looked a little too happy to see you!! or anyone else who looked like a snack!! :)
summer is coming, summer is coming, screw it I just need to move to Florida
LOL! Come on down Mic!

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