Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hit the jackpot when I stopped by the local Ace Hardware yesterday looking for some bits... they didn't what I needed, if such bits even exist, but in the parking lot, I made 3 additions to my "Cars" collection.

First was this old black Ford sedan.

Then there was this beautiful old red Pick up, now serving a workman's life despite it's antique status.

Look at the lines of this old classic.

And as I came out, Steve Speidel pulled in on this three-wheeled beauty.

He built it himself, it's what he does, a bit further south on 19 at an industrial park across from Howard's Flea Market, back off the road a bit.

That's a turbo V-8 engine hanging on that custom-made frame.

I love the mirrors! Take a good look at those!

The radiator is mounted on the rear, and according to Steve, keeps both the engine and the ride a lot cooler.

The rear end is a Jaguar! This rides smooth!



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