Saturday, October 26, 2013

Funny story. Went to my chiro yesterday and chit-chatting while she worked me over, she asked what was new, I told her I went to a Halloween party at Disney World.

She said, "I imagine that it was not so scary?"


New Mickey Sticker for my scooter...

This is the special limited availability Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party playing card that some are paying the equivalent of a party ticket for! (Ya, I'm game!)

So many people are so busy doing things or collecting candy, they barely notice the guest's costumes: for me, that is the best part of the whole show! Some of them can even challenge the Disney costumes!

MNSSHP Costumes 3 October 2013:

Caught the evenings fireworks show from the bridge into Tomorrowland. This is the last minute or so:

MNSSHP Pyro Finale

From the 2009 party, this is the special parade for the event:

MNSSHP Boo to You Parade 31 October 2009

And finally, I figured for the real fans, it might be a enjoyable moment:

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, end of night, 3 October, 2013

Boo to you!



I love how you had the parade with, "This is Halloween." I wish the parade included this song as part of the parade.
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