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As I was looking for rebar at Home Depot, a woman was trying to convince her little boys (3) to get out of the off-road vehicles they were playing in, and I advised her she was in a losing battle. She agreed, but said they had to get ready for the fireworks! I had forgotten all about them, having seen the Homosassa show on the previous Saturday, and asked her where and when, and just about then her husband arrived staring at his smart phone and started reading off the details- which basically came down to King's Bay, Crystal River, at 9.

When I came out of Home Depot, it was pouring! I waited under cover in the loading area, my car teasing me a mere 200 feet away.  A motorcycle came in off the highway to also escape the storm, mainly the lightening, and I chatted with the driver. One thing led to another and he told me about a brand of air filter for any vehicle that significantly improves gas mileage and performance. K&N Washable Air Filters. I've used a similar thing in my shop vac, an after-market washable air filter, and it was so much better than the regular paper one... looking forward to trying this on my car.

I finished my shopping, with mixed success, and headed home, contemplating whether or not to go for it. I checked the radar for the area, as it has been raining every few hours for the last several weeks, often becoming near torrential, and it showed that we should be clear the rest of the night, all the reds and yellows either east or west of us here in Citrus County.

At 8pm, I decided to go for it.

I went to the park beside the bay, found a parking spot and unloaded my scooter and headed on it. It was not yet so crowded that I couldn't get out on the pier as I had hoped, and I found a good spot. Had near perfect viewing for watching and video.

About 13 minutes into the 20 minute show, it started to rain. It turned quickly to torrential. I threw my hands, then my body over the camera and hung in there, very shortly soaked through my dungaree jacket and everything else and felt cool water running across my covered skin. But I stayed till the end!




looks like a great place to watch fireworks from, but that rain down there is just non stop lately

I was looking forward to the video as I am fireworks lover, but it will not work for me :-( It went about ten seconds, then nothing. Has it expired or something Jud?

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