Sunday, May 26, 2013


Well... remember when I did my new pressure tank- and I said that one joint was leaking a tiny bit... just found out why.

I was cleaning up out there, putting all my broken bits of block back in place, more creatively arranged than before, quite pleased; then I was rearranging things under the roof to fit the new lawn tractor in, and while moving the black barrow over, I gently tapped it against the pipe running back across there and it was like the pressure tank exploded! BAMM! Suddenly and in an instant, the world was water, I was knocked back and smashed my shin against something and was instantly drenched!

Took me only an instant to get on it and I raced for the (thank goodness I had the sense to install that) new valve just after the pump, and turned it off and it all stopped.

Turns out, that joint that leaked? Had never glued it! And the tap against the pipe was just enough to let it slip out under all that pressure and wham!

Good news is, now I can easily glue it in place and have no leaky joints!

(Bad news is a huge bump on my good leg that hurts like hell!)



OUCH!! Hope the reconnecting went well this time. Better you find it than it "separate" sometime when you weren't around and lose 100s of gallons of water. Sorry for the injury though.

Aside from the ouchie, I am thrilled to have discovered this! LOL!
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