Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Those who follow me on Facebook have seen a couple of shots over the last months such as this one...

This little fellow, or one looking like him, has been flitting into my house several times over the last couple of years, and I have always been torn between scaring him and trying to get the picture; but mostly, just trying to help him find his way out.

This evening, I was out on my covered deck trying to find an old graphics card cause I suspect that is what is broken in my desktop, when this guy landed on the drooping corner of the screen over one of the openings (top left in the photo) and stopped upon seeing me. I calmly told him to get out- he knows better, he's going to get stuck again etc etc...

Instead, he hopped down to another level, jumped back and forth among the various things stored out there, all as I continued to advise his exit.

Surprisingly, he was actually moving to positions that were closer to me.

Then I spotted something in his mouth, something rather large. On his next hop, dangerously close to me I would think, I saw that it was a large bug.

I stopped talking and went still: I was starting to have suspicions.

He came closer and closer and then perched on the edge of a wooden drawer that is on one of the shelves of my tool storage case, just right of center there, the shelf below the one with the matching white containers.

I remained absolutely still.

After a moment, he slipped inside, out of sight, and out of mutual view.

A moment later, he reappeared, mouth empty.

He jumped again from location to location and worked his way back to the droopy screen (which I would have secured the other night if I weren't so limited by my cast at the moment) and after sitting there for a moment apparently deciding if it was safe to leave with me still there, flew off.

I immediately hopped forward carefully on my good ankle and looked into the shelf box. Do you see it? I was being quick so as to create minimal disturbance.

So. I guess it is she. (And there are four.)



Could still be a male...their papa. Nice find. :)
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