Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I just made a little adapter ramp thing from the ultra thin paneling I took off the walls (cut it with a utility knife) to "gentle" the transition for the scooter over the door sill  The floor level changes that is why I put the stoop there, but it is a big jerky hump for the scooter and can rattle my filled Pepsi cup and cause spills. Much nicer now- more like a very mild rumble strip. Put the larger rubber backed bath mat over it to hold the two pieces in place and further smooth it.

Oh! PS!!! 

While I was waiting at the VA yesterday, and further refined this morning, I have designed a very simple and cheap lift mechanism for my getting my scooter onto the car-carrier! Would be much nicer if I could weld, but can be built without it. Small, light, easily attached and removed, and used; and working on one detail to make it work not only on the back of the carrier, but also in the trunk for when I don't use the carrier but just stick the small scooter in the trunk.

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