Thursday, April 11, 2013



In Florida, you wear sunglasses. Just a given. There have been days when the sun is so bright and penetrating that I have desperately looked for my sunglasses only to find out I already had them on!

But, when I go in the stores, I need to take them off- as well as my regular glasses so I can see up close while checking out items. I have out of necessity simply tucked them in the neck of my shirt, but this has never been really satisfactory, so I decided I would get something to give me a place to store them on my scooter when needed, and thanks to a helpful employee at my local Walmart, I found these clip on small bottle holders in the sporting goods section and they fit both my over-sized sunglasses and regular glasses just right! So, I drilled a couple of quarter-inch holes in the frame of my seat and voila!



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