Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I am pulling out of my yard and I look both ways, and I see something. Put it in park and open the door- he jerks everything back into his shell and sits there. I'm not even close. Chicken. Or overly cautious; but then if he were overly cautious, he shouldn't be taking a break two feet out onto the tarmac and I wouldn't have to be stopping to help him out in the first place.

I walk over and give him a very gentle touch on his shell with my toe and he leaps out and around and comes at me! No where near, but he went for me... then pulls back in.

I tap him again, way on the back of his shell; and he moves a bit then stops and hides again.

I tap again; he moves again; he stops again.

We play this game a few more times and finally he decides I am not going to do anything more than tap, and/or I am going to bug him until he gets somewhere else and he starts walking across. I follow until he is on the grass on the other side, then get back in my car, and he watches as I close the door, gives me one last look and heads away from me into the deeper growth.

I drive away.



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