Wednesday, October 03, 2012



Time for the new!

My Denim Jacket, repaired, trimmed of sleeves a year ago, patched, and long serving, veteran of many visits to Disney, and a few other locations has come to the end of its time. Like an old pair of jeans, hard to say when the end is here, but I didn't think this one would face another run through the washing machine.

So, found a match on Amazon, got it a week or so ago, and knowing the glue on my iron on patches would not stand up to another transfer, bought some iron on glue sheet material for this, the third transfer.

As you can see where I have peeled the paper off the one patch, I got a nice coverage as shown by the glossy surface.

And the new jacket is all ready to receive my various pins and buttons and make its inaugural debut on-property tomorrow! Dinner at O'hana!



Good job on the jacket and I'm jealous for the dinner at 'Ohanas. Have a great time.

Dinner at 'Ohana tomorrow? What a lucky jacket!! What time are you going?
Nice! Love the patches!

Missy in MN
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