Saturday, September 08, 2012



Got a referral from Ken in Lawn and Garden up at my Wal-mart- unofficially of course, we talk all the time- and called Bob to come fix my mower that was trying to rip my arm off rather than start. He was to show up between 9 and 12 on Saturday, today, and at 11:15, knocked on my door. By the time I got to it, he was pulling my mower (I had positioned it in plain site) over to his mobile shop- is that neat or what???- and about 20 minutes later he rolled it out and even from the porch I could see the easy pull he made to start it. I asked him what had been wrong and he started the list! LOL!

Anyway, changed the blade- which in this model is part of the flywheel, at least weight wise- changed the oil, adjusted the valves- they weren't opening enough for discharge, and thus were creating overly high compression- and changed the spark plug. If you take off the service call fee, comes to about 65, a pretty good price and a clearly quick and competent service man! We talked for a while after- probably blew his per hour average for the day, but turns out he was from Boston and we "talked shop" for quite a while. Good times.

And here is my little beauty, all ready to go at it again- as soon as I am.



Jud, when it finally dies, get an electric! Starts immediately and almost no maintenance when compared to a gas mower.
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