Sunday, August 12, 2012



There was a party in Inverness on Saturday.

Kinnard Chiropractic hosted Patient Appreciation Day, with the promise of food,  fun, and bouncing for the kids.

Upon first hearing of the event, I, along with my Doctor and his assistant, had declared our intent to take over the bounce house.

The event began at 10 and ran until 2, and though I didn't arrive till a bit after 1, I found there were still many guests. I was told that at its peak, there had been close  to 200 at the party!

It was funny, cause as I neared the office 12  miles east of me, what was a beautiful clear day, suddenly threatened rain. Sprinkles started to show on my windshield about half a mile out, and slowly grew. However, as I pulled into the parking lot, it ceased and that was the extent of it in that area. I learned later that other areas of Inverness had recieved a good drenching.

I was greeted by some of the staff familiar to me, and then my own chiropractor, Dr Daniels, and I was delighted to see that he had brought his wife and daughter: I got to meet them! We chatted a bit, and then our eyes turned to the colorful inflated house of bounce, and we found that we did not actually have to invade, that we were all welcome, regardless of age. The earlier crowd having now thinned down to a mere handfull by this point, many of the staff joined in our invasion.

I took a turn, and it felt good bouncing, but I shouldn't have done that drop to my knees... I am sure Dr Daniels will be taking care of that at my next appointment.

Many thanks to Dr Kinnard and his staff for the celebration and service to the community!



Glad you had a good time! :)
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