Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Yard across the street from me.

Well, a long useless day yesterday as the Brighthouse-promised "one hour" internet repair never happened and I lay around waiting for contact that never became possible. It rains, I loose net- Brighthouse "has a crew working on it"... again. Same story every time it rains- for years now. I will be following up this time at higher levels. No excuse for this. And funny thing is, I still had TV (on the same cable.) Don't really understand that.
Lovely rain for all the night and most of the day, firm, but not overwhelming, continuous. In mid afternoon it did suddenly go to heavy, and added some gusts of brief duration. And sometime in the overnight, it must have become more so, for this morning's quick reconnoiter around the property perimeter showed several small trees or large bushes that had been snapped most egregiously.

We have Tornado watch and Trop Storm watch for the next three days and a tornado did touch down right here in Homosassa. Took out a mobile home about 5 miles from me... maybe a few other roofs and trees. Surprising- the big reports live were all about just north of Tampa, with the signs of such activity fading away well south of me- this must have been one of the things that happened in the overnight.

I headed up to Gainesville at 10:45, planning to hit the Botanical Garden across the street before and after the appointment and though I arrived through only occasional sprinkles a bit later than I had intended, I still started there and spent 45 minutes quickly touring the now flowering rose and bulb gardens. I then made quick travel over to the eye clinic well in time to check in for my 1:30 appointment, which didn't come to pass until nearly 3. And my doctor had left and I was deposited in the hands of a new examiner. At first I refused but then consented after believing that she had come to gain some understanding of the special quirks of my particular situation and we proceeded through the exam to what appears to be a satisfactory result- though only when the new glass is laid before my eyes in three or four weeks will I really know. As I left, it started to sprinkle, taking little time to go to full on rain and the darkness of a cloud cover that means to do business, and my return to the botanical garden, already handicapped by the long delay in my appointment, was completely overruled. I drove home, stopping for gasoline in Ocala at 310.9 per gallon.



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