Monday, June 04, 2012



Got a little bit of work done today. Installed a vacumn break in the water line to keep it from vibrating when the filter cleaning cycle runs in the wee hours of the morn.

[8 June 2012: I was awake this morning when the water filter refresh cycle ran: My vacuum break did the job! :)]

Then I crawled under the mobile to cut and cap the no longer needed 3" PVC that runs the length of the mobile- used to feed, or un-feed, the second bathroom, but not needed at all now that I am not putting the kitchen at that end... and it is in the way of the ductwork from the (now dead and hopefully soon to be replaced) HVAC, so I want to cut it out- but it turns out I capped it with a plastic bag and duct tape and now that I am going to cut it off near the in-use main drain, I need a better seal...

Sooooo... I headed up to Home Depot and returned some pipe I had under the house that I no longer need (was for feed to the new kitchen that isn't now happening) and bought a bunch of stuff including the cap. Have a couple of people up there who are familiar with me and are always very helpful for my often very bizarre requests for things that don't really exist.

As I got back to my car, I saw it 6:30, and figured I would head on up the few extra miles to Crystal River and get some hard taco supremes, did so, and took them over to Kings Bay and sat out on the pier while I ate them.

As I headed for the pier, I saw a bird and nest way on high... well, heard first- there was a lot of very distinct squawking going on. And no, I have no idea what kind of birds they were!

And over to the side, there was this little fellow looking for something...

But mainly, it was the Bay.



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