Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Having never made it through a day at Disney without my Mobility scooter batteries going flat, I decided to go to a pair of larger batteries, and finally got around to building a new box for them. They are significantly larger, but of course, heavier, than the batteries that came with it, and hopefully will get me through a full day's run.

The old box with batteries weighs about 21 pounds and is about 13L x 4 1/2W x 5H: the new box with batteries weighs about 48 pounds and is about 16L x 7W x 8H, but will fit on my #2 ECV in the area reserved for the battery pack.

It is a bit wide for the #1 ECV, the Pride Go-Go, but could sit on the cowling behind the seat if I so needed. But the intent is to make further modifications to the #2 ECV and make that my primary scooter for major outings. The Go-Go is easier to deal with for quick hits like to the store for food- smaller, can fit in the trunk, but the #2 has a much smoother ride and is a bit faster so it better for a day's outing.

You may note I made some changes in the new box. In the old box, the circuit breaker and wire connection are run through the cover, which means they stay with the cover when I open it, while still being attached to the batteries sitting heavily in the box.

In the new case, I ran these through holes in the box itself, cutting a clearance in the cover to accommodate them. The new cover is also held securely with only two screws at one end, the other end held by fitted pins into matching holes in the box. Both these changes make removing the cover much easier.



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