Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Had to head up to a very early (for me) appointment at the Gainseville VA Hospital this morning. My appointment was at 8:30, which meant I had to be in the car by 6, which meant up by 5:30... these are not normal times in my universe... and lo and behold- I saw the sunrise as I drove through Ocala!

When I got to the parking lot, in good time, very little traffic on the way, I saw a space, pulled in and look what sat in front of me!

The procedure required about two minutes of my time, every hour for four hours, so I had to kill time between each imaging session, and I wandered the parking lot.

This is a tower that contains something- saw a hint that it was chlorine, but might have been something else... in any case, I liked the imagery and took several shots of it.

I was mainly out on the back side of the facility, and this conglomeration of "mechanical plant" items looked good to me.

There is a seperate building on the grounds called the "Nursing Home Building" and at the front entrance to it- currently undergoing some repair work to the sidewalks- is this pair of sculptures.

Back at the smoking area, I grabbed this detail shot where two different building finishes meet.

And on the way back in, my attention was grabbed by the newspaper machine and a front page headline in USA Today.



Love the sculptures! I want to touch them.

Hope you get answers from your tests. The good kind!
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