Sunday, May 20, 2012



I traveled up to Crystal River Mall on Saturday afternoon, in  search of a new lens cap for one of my cameras, and hopes that a certain store there might have such among their multitude of large drawers of small parts.

As a young lady held the door for me, and I scooted on in to one of the many radiating shop lined halls that flowed to the central circus-tented food court, I was struck  by what could only be live music, and very primal rhythms. After I found disappointment in my targeted store, I headed into the middle of the court to discover a drum circle and two belly dancers performing. Or to be more precise, having just wrapped up their performance. Nevertheless, my arrival, and the natural inclination of musicians to carry on once started, Beethoven's Ninth Law of Motion or some such thing, and they played around a bit  more and I videoed a bit of it.

Home, later, evening, cooler... I decide to step out and hit the lawn with some mowing before it takes over and starts cloning people. I pull my walk-behind out from under the overhang, and fill the tank. As I replace the cap, I note something suddenly go still off in the yard. Isn't it interesting that the exact action meant to hide draws attention? And in the fading light, there, I spot not one, but two yard bunnies! Figuring the roar and approach of the lawn mower would not be seen as welcoming, I decided to forgo the operation and gently walked back around and into the house. I looked, and they hadn't bolted. I got my camera, but I knew if I even opened the door again, they would be gone, so I made my way out to my enclosed deck and though it was a bit higher than I could look through unaided, I was able to  hold my camera up and use its view screen to get two minutes of two bunnies.



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