Monday, April 23, 2012

Headed up to Gainesville this morning for a long awaited for appointment with an eye specialist...

On the way, passed by the location where they are putting the next Super Wal*Mart, and they have really started moving dirt now.

Further on up as I entered the more congested roads of Ocala, I spotted this old beauty, but never quite caught up before he turned left.

Arriving early, I stopped at the nearby Burger King and outside they had a bit of locally appropriate adronments...

Had an Angus bacon cheeseburger sans bun...

Inside the clinic, at some point they had the children paint various cieling tiles- this was my favorite. And after over two years of trying to get my vision problem addressed, I was told, by the expert in the field, "Yep, messed up, and can't do a thing for ya!"

Home again, and cooler today, but still so beautiful!



I'm sure you didn't want to hear that the eye specialist can't do anything for you! If it's something that can't be corrected, hoping it at least stays stable! Keep searching and hopefully you'll find another specialist with a different opinion. Do you get back to Boston? Because medical facilities are known to be superior there, you might have a more positive diagnosis....Just a thought! Carol McLean (westies)
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