Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woke up this morning, and decided I wanted a steak. Had to do some errands too, which led me up to Crystal River, and happily, to Cody's Road House. Love the atmosphere here and have always wanted to get a good shot of that truck out front...

Cool little water fountain!

When I started driving, the number was 17... really.

Now that's what I wanted!

Loved this upholstery!

I told my waitress to bring me a plate with a steak on it and nothing else. Right, nothing I want a steak. When I declined even a glass of water, she rolled her eyes and gave up. But she did suggest blackened- which I liked! Look how juicy that thing is! Yum!

With Thanksgiving coming up, which I did do here one year, figured I'd post this too!

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