Wednesday, November 09, 2011

So, a bit more ready tonight, I checked the moon at Dusk and given the lessened contrast was able to get a better shot of it in the brighter evening sky. However, Jupiter was not yet visible for the same reason.

Later, now fully dark, this was the best I was able to do, but you can see that compared to last night, Jupiter has really pulled ahead!

In between the two shots, I attended the local presentation of a National Teach-in sponsored by The American Dream Movement that took place in 361 locations all across the United States at 6pm this evening. Our local presentation took place at the Lecanto campus of the Central Florida Community College and was led by Michael Fahey. The audience was quite divergent and some lively discussions were held on the points brought up in the presentation. The title of the presentation was "How the 1% crashed the Economy". Got some good information- and some history, and even had a plant!

One of the slides in the presentation I just couldn't resist taking a shot of- pretty eye-opening stuff! To view the presentation, click on this link. I strongly recommend you do for your own enlightenment.

I also met a few people and discovered that there is actually an Occupy Citrus movement! Friend them on Facebook.

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