Sunday, October 16, 2011


While passing time at Epcot on Sunday October 9th, I did what I dubbed "The Great Movie Tour" of Epcot, starting in France, moving to China, Norway, then concluding at Canada, each of which feature a movie about their country.

As I made my way out of Canada and towards the American Pavilion for the evening's Roger Hodgson concert that I had come to attend, I heard loud music coming from the back of the UK Pavilion and wandered in to see what had replaced the British Invasion that had played the venue for many years and left a few months ago.

Didn't get the name, but did take a short clip of parts of two songs that told me, first, I liked their enthusiasm; and second, that they were doing more than just the Beatles tunes that had been the hallmark of the show until shortly before the British Invasion left.



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