Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So today, I got right on the light fixtures, and quickly discovered I needed an 11/16th spade bit and when you need an 11/16th spade bit, there really is nothing else for it, so... shopping trip.

While shopping, I also discovered a possible item that I could adapt for the lens cover I desire- a glass cutting board: the one at the hardware store was not a good size for it, but I shall search the net for one that is.

Drilled a hole for the center where the bulb holder assembly snaps in, and it didn't care in the least that it was a circle rather than a squared X-shape, used the included base to mark the points for drilling and used a compass to set it in the center of the pizza pan. This removes a considerable bit of the overall thickness of the light unit, changing the base from a bit over an inch to virtually nothing.

Got it all together easily enough, but then tried to squash down the brackets some more and that led to disaster resulting in the complete destruction of the frame work and a visit to the trash can.

After that, I reconsidered and realized that since this particular bulb assmebly is screwed together (as oposed to riveted) I could disassemble it and rebend it to a shorter length, which I did using a vice-grip, my metal anvil/vise and a hammer, and a bit of carefully applied force. I then drilled new holes for the tiny bolts and reassembled the bulb unit.

I decided to not bother with shortening the upper section of the bracket as I had attained a satisfactory thickness in the overall piece now, about 3 inches. I will also note that this new light assembly was a bit shorter to start than the others in the house, which are about 6 1/2 inches.

I have now created a rather nice fixture that intrudes only 3" from the ceiling.

By that point, by back was killing me, so I had to quit but am hoping to install two of these later tonight or maybe in the morning.



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