Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Was up and out at 7:30 this morning, finally executing a plan a few years in the making- or execution actually... do to some cuttings and try to create some new bushes for around my yard perimeter. First got the idea a couple of years ago from Joyce while staying with her and Dan in Kissimmee. Prepared the soil last year, but never got out to do the actual cuttings.

As I came around the end of the house to get the barrow full of soil mix, I heard a noise and looking quickly, saw my yard bunny racing away to the cover of the bushes. I had mowed a part of the lawn the other day, so now he was foraging on the other, still overgrown, side of the house. Later, I walked to the far end of the mobile and was able to catch him at the other end, but again he almost instantly scampered away. I hope next year's bunny isn't quite as camera shy.

Set up for the cutting procedure yesterday, so today, just had to go fill the cups with soil, 50% local (sand) and 50% Miracle Grow potting soil.

Cut a branch off a bush and then cut little bits off that and dipped it in some special powder that is supposed to help and stuck them in the cups. Cut holes in the bottoms of the cups and set them in this ad-libbed water pan. Placed it where it is because after a bit of observation, noted that that spot get morning sun but by 10 or so is moving into shade, so won't burn them up.

After, given I was up and out, I sat in a chair with my camera and waited for that brilliant red headed woodpecker, with the sun at my back, and read Craig Ferguson's American On Purpose for about an hour when the birds started showing up. Got the little bugger, but he was partially hidden and took off very quickly upon spotting me...

I did get a couple of nice shots of other birds, and as I have enough soil and room left over for another 30 cuttings, will be out again tomorrow.



PS: Finally dawned on me to check the net...

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