Wednesday, April 20, 2011


While at Epcot last week (two weeks?) with Jeni and her daughter, friends from Mass, down for a concert at Down Town Disney- and she and her class mates did a crack up job of it, we visited Epcot and I noticed a man with some fancy photography gear in front of the planter in front of the Big Ball. Naturally, I engaged him and we chatted a bit. He has shared with me a photo he took- didn't see fit to use it in his (much better) 'official' photo of the same subject, which you can see on his site, along with some other really exceptional imagery he has created!

Tanner Ochel,



That's interesting! Looks like you're standing on a small cemetery planet. How unique. :)
Well, I *am* amidst the 'tombstones'! :)
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