Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last Saturday, I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom for two events. The first started at 11 and wasa meet of internet fans of Disney at the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant. Great time and great location! *Video here*

Later that same evening, after a rest at Motel 6 Main Gate East, I returned for the private Passholder after hours party to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the opening of Expedition Everest! Many of the same people were there, and just imagine hanging out with a bunch of friends in a very uncrowded park! Walked on to EE about 7 times... left the dancing to others, while I did stills and video- but I did jump about a bit with Mickey and Goofy, all rigged out for mountain adventure! *Video here*

Today, I was over at the Citrus County Community Clinic for a chiropractic appointment! Can't believe they offer that! Thrilled! And now am scheduled twice a week for the next 6 weeks- and then we'll see. Will be the first time I have had regular on-going treatment! Very pleased! So when I headed back out to the parking lot, I was noticing some things.

While most people might think of palm trees when they think of Florida, those are not native to either Florida or California! Still nice, but not typical of wild or natural Florida.

What is more typical is something like the following two images.

And just to finish off on this bright blue clear 85 degree day (which is what it should be!), here is a favorite from my yard.



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