Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This morning I stepped out at about 7 am for a bit of fresh air, and stood on my porch listening to the various chirpings, singing, and chattering of the many species of birds that hang around in my yard. It was still fairly dark, the heavy overcast hiding the rising sun, but warm and refreshing. I caught a shadow over by my van, and looking closely, I could make out that it was my yard bunny! I think we were both surprised to see each other at that hour.

Then I heard among the sounds, a somehow familiar but foreign bird call, and I strained for a moment to identify it, and assumed someone had gotten a couple of geese down the road a bit.

I returned to bed.

A couple of hours later, at my more usual rising time, I again stepped out and looking across my 'lower 40', I noticed a large white blob at the very top of a pine in the distance. I stared and finally decided that it had to be some kind of huge bird, and went inside to get my camera, with its 18X optical zoom, figuring get the shot and then see what it is.

Moments later, back out on the porch, white blob gone. I looked around and then spotted two white blobs in a somewhat closer tree and shot away! A rather unusual location to see such birds!

[note: my friend Lucinda identified my "big white blobs" as Wood Storks!]

While out there, and for comaparison, I grabbed some shots of some of the more normal inhabitants of my yard.



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