Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Among all the reports I have read and videos and even the official pages, it seems to me the matter of carrying a camera on this has been a bit unclear- to the extent that one person did not bring his DSLR assuming that it would be too big to put in his pocket. Frankly, I see little point in doing this if you can't shoot it!

The actuality is that any camera that big would be on a strap around your neck anyway and that is permitted and acceptable as 'secure'.

One of our guides all decked out in gear with large camera.

Any smaller 'pocket' sized camera will be clipped by the staff to a long 'string' in the quite sufficiently sized pocket on the vest.

So bring your camera. And when you are told to empty your pockets in the free provided lockers, do not put your extra battery in there... ahem...



Can't wait to hear the entire story :0)
Hope you did manage to get LOTS of pics :0) iluvwesties aka Carol M
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Good to know that cameras are allowed. I will definitely pass this on to my clients! Thanks!
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