Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I started today determined to carry on in my efforts to attain decent water pressure for my home.

After doing a bit of research on the net last night, I discovered that the pressure on my pressure switch could be adjusted. I studied the instructions and headed out this morning to adjust mine.

Well, after several tries, I was coming to think that I had not only failed, but had ruined the switch altogether. Desperate, I tried adjusting it while powered and running, and discovered that- contrary to the pictured and described mechanism on the instruction page- the high and low adjustment nuts on mine were reversed!

Furthermore, they were not "ganged" as they are in the instruction example, though each did affect the setting of the other.

So, after many trial and error adjustments, having to run the pump to fill the pressure tank until the pump shut off, and then drain it again by running an ouside faucet until it kicked on again, after about an hour, I did succeed in getting it set as high as I could get it and it is now running at 30-52 psi, as opposed to the previous 20-40 psi. This is significant improvement and a major step forward in the livability of my home!

I just took my first decent shower since I have been here!




I saw the video link at the top of your blog and thought you were going to share a video of you taking a shower, I was a little hesitant to scroll down. LOL!
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