Monday, January 31, 2011


I don't know about others, but I have always found the cost of a Disney Photopass CD to be a bit outrageous. And the photo ops limited and pretty much the same thing over and over- here we are in front of The Castle/The Big Ball/TOL/Hat...

Well! At the moment, and I do not know if this will continue, when you go on the Wild Africa Trek, the price of 129, soon to be 189, includes a Photopass CD filled with shots taken by an accompanying PP photographer! So, you get a more candid and diverse set of images as well as many of the shots of animals that you wish your camera had done a better job on cause the battery for your good camera died on the first bridge and you left you extra battery in the locker at the start... but that is another story.

The point is, on a 129/189 dollar awesome adventure, you get a free 149 dollar PP CD! AND ANYTHING you put on that card or any other card that is active in your PP account at the time is also on the CD.

It even includes free shipping!

Mine will be here within 14 days.

I will be working on my good video once those images arrive. Until then I have posted a link up top there for the 'bad' video I shot with my back up camera.

When I entered the code, it did read as a "promotion" and that is why I question how long this will go on: in what I have read describing the Trek, this seems to be a fixed part of the deal; and if so, that is one heck of a deal!



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