Friday, December 24, 2010


Opened the new Panasonic Lumix FZ 35 today and gave it a test vid in low light to check the ability of the autofocus. The firstvideo was done in the AVCHD Lite setting but rendered to AVI to show here. Much better than the Canon SX1 IS which I sent back today.

This is a similar video only this is an AVI rendering from an MPEG 4 original as opposed to the AVCHD Lite in the first test vid.

Just came in (12:30am Dec 24- Happy Christmas Eve!)- dawned on me let's see what this FZ35 does for night sky- checked scene modes and had "starry sky"! Choose 15 30 or 60 second exposure! I chose 60. Wow. Here ya go!

I have to send you to it on Photobucket so you can really get this! (click to enlarge.) Note Orion at the top, and the movement of the stars during the exposure! This is incredible!

The camera itself is lighter and only slightly larger than my beloved Oly C-740. Much bigger LCD screen on back, and bigger lens. Also has threads for attaching auxiliary lenses, such as a poloroid and UV lenses or the 2x and 1/2 x options.



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