Wednesday, December 22, 2010


97 new images from Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom.

Had invite to join Kaylene and some others at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma restaurant, for breakfast. Had to get on the road by 6:30. Saw sunrise on the way. Arrived early, did some shooting around the lodge, got the crew to smile, and then joined the group of 11, mostly members of the Disney Mom's Panel. I hadn't known it was the Disney Moms Panel Reunion and Training weekend for the new Moms!

Ate lots, had gluten free Mickey Waffles, took lots of photos, headed out and broke up, five of us heading to Animal Kingdom for Maria to do her first time on the extreme coaster Expedition Everest. Did it twice. I shot vid. Great time!

Video at

Then over to Dinosaur to ride and shop. As we were about to leave there, it started to rain and that continued on for the rest of my time there and much of the afternoon.

Headed over to the Magic Kingdom separately, and I got there to discover that both my battery packs for my ECV were dead so decided to give it a shot and walk it. Headed in and met the others just inside the gates in Town Square. Headed to Columbia House where more of the group and some of the new Moms were eating and waiting for us.

Sat about there for a bit, met several of the new Moms, talked while some finished up, then another bunch of the group arrived and we filled the room at the end of the second floor. As we left it was raining for real, and we broke up again with about 13 of us headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean- arggg!

After the ride, Marc showed us a few special things from the movie subtly on display in the merchandise shop- and a chance to pose again.

From there, most of us headed over to Main Street for shopping, and it all sort of got broken up there and by that time my back had become so painful I decided to call it a day, and said my good bye's to those I could find and headed home.

Once I hit Inverness it was sunny again and I made it home in time to see the end of the second quarter of the early game!



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