Sunday, October 17, 2010


Picked up my modified ECV frame from the welder- three inches longer and tubes added to support a removable front-end storage box (to be built later).

Also had the welder weld a solid rod into the fork with a tube to make the connection between it and the steering column to replace the poorly designed and broken tabs that it had- and also adds 3 inches to the height of the bars, thus clearing my knees...

And sometime soon, I will use these three sheets of scrap aluminum diamond plate to cut, bend and weld a new body.

Up at Howards Flea Market, Homosassa FL, there is one booth selling rubber duckies...

I now have 5, the center one from WDW, Y&BC Movie Night, July 4th, 2008. I have absolutely no use for these things, but... :)

Is this the best marked measuring cup ever???!!!

My county is one of only two in Florida that has a surplus of fresh water: so they ship it all out to Tampa. Our water table has dropped the last few dry years: my well is now skimming the top of the aquifer and getting all the leaf rot that floats up; result- brown staining water. Built an 'injector' to add bleach to wash out the tank and the rest.

Tried to do macro on an ant today- he wouldn't stand still: this is a severe crop of the best I could get.

Can't push the mower long enough anymore, so have to limit it to the bits I have to have to get in and out. Gettin' deep out there! :)



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