Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So headed out to do some errands and stopped by the junkyard and got a couple of road signs at 2.50 per pound. Aluminum sheet. Hit Lowe’s and ran into a welder and asked him about brazing, got some brazing rods.

I want to build a new body for my Shuttle ECV. The existing one has several points about it that I don't like, and my plan is for a more compact and bump-less body. Part of this is due to using my own battery packs, as opposed to the two side-by-side packs it came with. As earlier mentioned I want to extend the steering column, but I also want a flat floor, and an extended 'foot rest' out the front. Also would like to build a parcel rack on the front end that isn't tied to the steering column.

So, the materials are in hand, some cutting bending and possibly brazing to do, and we shall see! Oh! Also going to make a fender for that front wheel which will now be exposed.



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