Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Had to go over to the library to print out some stuff yesterday and it was bright and sunny- though very cold- so I grabbed a shot of one of three nice statues decorating the outside grounds.

Last night I went to rinse my tea cup and nothing! Shocking! What's wrong??? This is like 1AM. So I dressed, went out with flashlight to see if there were any burst pipes, found no sign of anything wrong, checked fuse on pump, okay... but nothing.

Checked again a couple of hours later looking for a reset button on the pump...

This morning, went out and looked again, found the motor of water pump was warm to the touch, but 'head' was very cold. So I thought maybe it was frozen. I set my hair dryer on it and went back in. About half an hour later, heard the toilet filling and realized problem solved! Phew!

A bit later, I realized we have a few more days of sub-freezing temps, so I made a shelter/heater for the pump, cardboard box and a 55 watt light bulb.

Next, I put my ECV motor and tranny back together, but have two small very specific parts left over... ahem... have no idea where they came from and looking back over my pictures of the dis-assmebly process, they never show up! Hope it all works... hope I find some place later where they go... one is a tiny, like 1/4 O-ring and the other is a tension spring. I see no place where they might go and have no idea where they came from, but they were in the very carefully segregated and secured storage of parts from the dis-assembly...

When I finished reassembling the Go-Go, I still had those two bits left over- never saw anywhere where they were supposed to go. But it is up and running and feels so much better! Can't wait to get it out for a test run! Except for having to wait months to get the replacement bearing- the particular bearing I needed was made only for this particular model and brand and year, so was very difficult to get- the repair job was about 2-3 hours and a 10 dollar bearing- as opposed to a 250 dollar + labor for a used rear end, or 600+ for a new rear end from an official dealer. [Actually, just found a listing on the net and the part alone is $803.25, about 100 more than I paid for the scooter with shipping on a close out deal.]

Additionally, a lot of trouble over the last several years could have been avoided if the Pride telephone rep hadn't been so anxious to get rid of me for fear of having some liability while it was still in warranty and instead had listened and maybe known that something was wrong when my batteries died in 6 months. And there was: broken bearing on the rear axle.

Would also have been easier if Pride (and every other ECV manufacturer) would provide a parts list and parts availability to the end user. The entire market is totally closed, being primarily tied to insurance and disability. No other market would survive such practices.



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I just have to say that your solution for the water pump is ghetto... but kind of awesome! lol
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